Radiator Covers

Radiator covers are a perfect way to cover up tired-looking radiators while adding a useful shelf to drop your various trinkets on! You can choose modern white radiator covers or MDF radiator covers and paint them to match the exact style of your space. You can go even further with our decorative radiator covers.

Our static and adjustable radiator covers not only look good as part of your featured furniture, but they also provide added safety from hot radiators or pipes. This is especially true if you have small children. Browse one of the largest collections of radiator covers in the UK at the best prices.

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  2. radiator-cover-adjustable-white-vertical-style

    Best Seller!

    Radiator Cover Adjustable - White Vertical Style

  3. radiator-cover-large-grey-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Large - Grey Vertical Style

  4. radiator-cover-adjustable-grey-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Adjustable - Grey Vertical Style

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    Save 16%


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  5. radiator-cover-medium-grey-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Medium - Grey Vertical Style

  6. radiator-cover-extra-large-white-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Extra Large - White Vertical Style

  7. radiator-cover-extra-large-grey-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Extra Large - Grey Vertical Style

  8. radiator-cover-large-white-cross-pattern

    Radiator Cover Large - White Cross Pattern

  9. radiator-cover-extra-large-white-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Extra Large - White Horizontal Style

  10. radiator-cover-medium-white-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Medium - White Vertical Style

    Was £134.00

    Save 48%


    In Stock
  11. radiator-cover-extra-large-white-cross-pattern

    Radiator Cover Extra Large - White Cross Pattern

  12. radiator-cover-medium-grey-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Medium - Grey Horizontal Style

  13. radiator-cover-small-grey-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Small - Grey Vertical Style

  14. radiator-cover-medium-white-cross-pattern

    Radiator Cover Medium - White Cross Pattern

    Was £79.99

    Save 13%


    In Stock
  15. radiator-cover-small-white-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Small - White Horizontal Style

  16. radiator-cover-small-white-cross-pattern

    Radiator Cover Small - White Cross Pattern

  17. radiator-cover-small-grey-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Small - Grey Horizontal Style

  18. radiator-cover-adjustable-white-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Adjustable - White Horizontal Style

  19. radiator-cover-adjustable-anthracite-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Adjustable - Anthracite Vertical Style

  20. radiator-cover-large-grey-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Large - Grey Horizontal Style

  21. radiator-cover-extra-large-anthracite-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Extra Large - Anthracite Vertical Style

  22. radiator-cover-extra-large-grey-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Extra Large - Grey Horizontal Style

  23. radiator-cover-medium-anthracite-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Medium - Anthracite Vertical Style

  24. radiator-cover-small-anthracite-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Small - Anthracite Vertical Style

  25. radiator-cover-large-white-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Large - White Horizontal Style

  26. radiator-cover-adjustable-grey-horizontal-style

    Radiator Cover Adjustable - Grey Horizontal Style

  27. radiator-cover-large-anthracite-vertical-style

    Radiator Cover Large - Anthracite Vertical Style

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