Plinth Heaters

If you struggle for radiator space, a plinth heater could be the perfect way to heat your home. Ideal for kitchens and utility rooms, a plinth heater easily fits into kitchen units to deliver powerful heat while taking up minimum space. Optional coloured grilles are available, enabling you to choose which colour will suit your room decor best and finish off your plinth heater in style.

Find a Kitchen Plinth Heater Online at Plumbworld!

With options from trusted brand names Myson and Smiths, you can find the perfect plinth heater at Plumbworld. Sometimes known as a ‘kickboard heater’, this space-saving solution is easy to install and delivers excellent results. While you could get an electric plinth heater, a hydronic plinth heater is preferable for many. This is because they plumb straight into your central heating system, making them more cost effective to run. Choose a central heating plinth heater with Plumbworld and be rid of your bulky radiator today!

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  1. myson-plinth-heaters

    Myson Plinth Heaters

    3 choices
    From £238.13
  2. smiths-plinth-heaters

    Smith's Plinth Heaters

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    From £188.06
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    Plinth Heater Accessories

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  5. smiths-space-saver-ss55-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-brushed-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS5/5 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Brushed Steel Grille

    Was £240.56

    Save 17%


    In Stock
  6. myson-kickspace-500-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-grille

    Myson Kickspace 500 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Grille

    Was £266.69

    Save 11%


    In Stock
  7. myson-kickspace-600-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-grille

    Myson Kickspace 600 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Grille

  8. myson-kickspace-800-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-grille

    Best Seller!

    Myson Kickspace 800 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Grille

  9. smiths-space-saver-ss5-dual-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-stainless-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS5 Dual Hydronic Plinth Heater with Stainless Steel Grille

  10. myson-kickspace-500-brushed-stainless-steel-grille

    Myson Kickspace 500 Brushed Stainless Steel Grille

  11. smiths-ss3ss5ss512vss7-white-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS3/SS5/SS512v/SS7 White Overlay Grille

  12. myson-kickspace-600-brushed-stainless-steel-grille

    Myson Kickspace 600 Brushed Stainless Steel Grille

  13. myson-kickspace-500-hydronic-black-grille

    Myson Kickspace 500 Black Grille

    Was £39.97

    Save 20%


    In Stock
  14. myson-kickspace-800-brushed-stainless-steel-grille

    Myson Kickspace 800 Brushed Stainless Steel Grille

  15. myson-kickspace-500-chrome-grille

    Myson Kickspace 500 Chrome Grille

  16. myson-kickspace-800-black-grille

    Myson Kickspace 800 Black Grille

  17. smiths-ss5-brown-dual-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS5 Dual Brown Overlay Grille

    Was £25.00

    Save 43%


    In Stock
  18. smiths-ss9-black-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS9 Black Overlay Grille

    Was £50.00

    Save 56%


    In Stock
  19. myson-kickspace-800-chrome-grille

    Myson Kickspace 800 Chrome Grille

  20. smiths-ss9-chrome-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS9 Chrome Overlay Grille

  21. smiths-ss9-white-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS9 White Overlay Grille

  22. smiths-ss5-chrome-dual-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS5 Chrome Dual Overlay Grille

  23. smiths-ss5-white-dual-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS5 Dual White Overlay Grille

  24. smiths-space-saver-ss3-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-brushed-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS3 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Brushed Steel Grille

  25. smiths-space-saver-ss75-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-brushed-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS7/5 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Brushed Steel Grille

    Was £284.95

    Save 10%


    Expected - 27/05/22
  26. smiths-space-saver-ss95-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-brushed-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS9/5 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Brushed Steel Grille

  27. smiths-ss3ss5ss512vss7-chrome-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS3/SS5/SS512v/SS7 Chrome Overlay Grille

  28. smiths-ss5-black-dual-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS5 Dual Black Overlay Grille

  29. myson-kickspace-600-chrome-grille

    Myson Kickspace 600 Chrome Grille

  30. smiths-ss9-brown-overlay-grille

    Smith's SS9 Brown Overlay Grille

    Was £26.94

    Save 18%


    Expected - 27/05/22
  31. smiths-space-saver-ss55-12v-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-brushed-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS5/5 12V Hydronic Plinth Heater with Brushed Steel Grille

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