Water Heaters

When buying an electric water heater, choosing the right one can seem a little complicated at first. However, here at Plumbworld, you can easily find the best electric hot water heater for your needs, so you can get your bathroom up-and-running with hot water, whatever your situation.

Find your electric hot water heater at Plumbworld

If you require an electric hot water system, it is probably because you can’t connect to a hot water supply in the room you want it - maybe you can’t run your pipes far enough, or want an alternative to carrying out the work it involves. With our range, you can find an electric tankless water heater that works best for you, whether that’s an over sink water heater, an under sink water heater or just something compact to fit in your bathroom. Whatever it is you need, be sure to check Plumbworld for the lowest priced electric water heaters UK!

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  1. hand-wash-units

    Hand Wash Units

    4 choices
    From £55.06
  2. under-sink-water-heaters

    Under Sink Water Heaters

    12 choices
    From £85.98
  3. Redring Water Heaters

    Redring Water Heaters

    6 choices
    From £85.98
  4. triton-water-heaters

    Triton Water Heaters

    10 choices
    From £17.64