Bath Pillar Taps

Replace your old and tired looking Bath Pillar Taps with something stylish that’ll seriously stand the test of time. These bathroom taps come with a separate tap for the hot and cold water supplies and with a choice of traditional or contemporary designs depending on what best suits the rest of your bathroom. They’re easy to clean and can be used as a retrofit for your old bath taps or as an addition to your new bathroom. All taps are finished in a high-quality chrome to ensure a rust free, shiny appearance.

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  2. park-lane-winchester-bath-taps

    Best Seller!

    Park Lane Winchester Bath Taps

  3. park-lane-oxford-bath-taps

    Park Lane Oxford Bath Taps

    Was £39.00

    Save 18%


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  4. architeckt-misa-bath-taps

    Architeckt Misa Bath Taps

    Was £54.99

    Save 18%


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  5. architeckt-malmo-bath-taps

    Architeckt Malmo Bath Taps

    Was £34.99

    Save 14%


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  6. bc-designs-victrion-bath-taps-chrome-ctb110

    BC Designs Victrion Bath Taps Chrome - CTB110


    Manufacturer Direct in 4 - 5 Days
  7. Mira Virtue Bath Taps

    Mira Virtue Bath Taps

  8. Mira Comfort Bath Taps

    Mira Comfort Bath Taps

    Was £104.99

    Save 10%


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  9. bristan-pisa-bath-taps-chrome-ps2-34-c

    Bristan Pisa Bath Taps Chrome - PS2 3/4 C

  10. Mira Evolve Bath Taps

    Mira Evolve Bath Taps

  11. Mira Honesty Bath Taps

    Mira Honesty Bath Taps

  12. Mira Revive Bath Taps

    Mira Revive Bath Taps

  13. bristan-smile-contemporary-bath-taps-chrome-sm-34-c

    Bristan Smile Contemporary Bath Taps Chrome - SM 3/4 C

  14. Mira Precision Bath Taps

    Mira Precision Bath Taps

    Was £119.00

    Save 16%


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  15. bristan-quadrato-bath-taps-chrome-qd-34-c

    Bristan Quadrato Bath Taps Chrome - QD 3/4 C

    Was £119.00

    Save 18%


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  16. bc-designs-victrion-bath-taps-brushed-gold-ctb110bg

    BC Designs Victrion Bath Taps Brushed Gold - CTB110BG


    Manufacturer Direct in 28 - 29 Days
  17. bristan-clio-bath-pillar-taps-chrome-cli-34-c

    Bristan Clio Bath Pillar Taps Chrome - CLI 34 C

    Was £99.00

    Save 18%


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  18. bc-designs-victrion-bath-taps-brushed-nickel-ctb110bn

    BC Designs Victrion Bath Taps Brushed Nickel - CTB110BN


    Manufacturer Direct in 28 - 29 Days

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