Bathroom Tumblers

Bathroom tumblers come in varying styles and designs, but their main function is split between the storage of small essentials such as toothbrushes, and being used as a cup for rinsing your mouth. However, nothing stops it from being one of those purely decorative bathroom accessories. The stunning ranges of bathroom tumblers at Plumbworld are offered in varying finishes and materials to give maximum compatibility with the current bathroom decor. Pick from clear glass, frosted glass, chrome and even wood to accessorise your bathroom even further. With both single and double holders available, you could double your storage capacity in style and without putting a dent in your wallet. Take a look below and see what will fit perfectly into your bathroom...

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  1. architeckt-saturn-tumbler

    Best Seller!

    Architeckt Saturn Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler

    Was £19.99

    Save 25%


    In Stock
  2. architeckt-jupiter-tumbler

    Architeckt Jupiter Black Wall Hung Tumbler

  3. hansgrohe-logis-universal-toothbrush-tumbler-chrome-41718000

    hansgrohe Logis Universal Toothbrush Tumbler Chrome - 41718000

    Was £28.62

    Save 11%


    In Stock
  4. architeckt-orion-tumbler

    Architeckt Orion Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler

  5. croydex-grosvenor-flexi-fix-chrome-tumbler-holder-qm701841

    Croydex Grosvenor Flexi-Fix Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler - QM701841

    Was £39.00

    Save 17%


    In Stock
  6. hansgrohe-addstoris-toothbrush-tumbler-matt-black-41749670

    hansgrohe AddStoris Toothbrush Tumbler Matt Black - 41749670

    Was £49.99

    Save 12%


    In Stock
  7. croydex-flexi-fix-pendle-tumbler-holder-chrome-qm411841

    Croydex Pendle Flexi-Fix Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler - QM411841

    Was £49.96

    Save 52%


    In Stock
  8. croydex-flexi-fix-epsom-wall-hung-tumbler-matt-black-qm481821

    Croydex Flexi-Fix Epsom Wall Hung Tumbler Matt Black - QM481821

  9. croydex-flexi-fix-chester-tumbler-holder-chrome-qm441841

    Croydex Chester Flexi-Fix Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler - QM441841

    Was £51.99

    Save 51%


    In Stock
  10. croydex-epsom-flexi-fix-chrome-tumbler-holder-qm481841

    Croydex Epsom Flexi-Fix Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler - QM481841

    Was £39.00

    Save 34%


    In Stock
  11. Park Lane Elmley Glass and Holder

    Park Lane Elmley Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler

    Was £15.98

    Save 44%


    In Stock
  12. croydex-worcester-flexi-fix-chrome-tumbler-holder-qm461841

    Croydex Worcester Flexi-Fix Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler - QM461841

    Was £29.99

    Save 19%


    In Stock
  13. croydex-stick-n-lock-tumbler-and-holder-qm291841

    Croydex Stick 'n' Lock Tumbler and Holder - QM291841

    Was £24.99

    Save 33%


    In Stock
  14. hansgrohe-addstoris-toothbrush-tumbler-brushed-black-41749340

    hansgrohe AddStoris Toothbrush Tumbler Brushed Black - 41749340

  15. hansgrohe-addstoris-toothbrush-tumbler-chrome-41749000

    hansgrohe AddStoris Toothbrush Tumbler Chrome - 41749000

  16. architeckt-venus-tumbler

    Architeckt Venus Chrome Wall Hung Tumbler